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 nice 4notpost fag

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PostSubject: nice 4notpost fag   nice 4notpost fag EmptySun Sep 25, 2011 2:32 am

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Squire Grooktook

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PostSubject: Re: nice 4notpost fag   nice 4notpost fag EmptySun Sep 25, 2011 7:53 pm

|name=4 Warpgate Rush
Read this article in [[4_Warpgate_Rush_(vs._Protoss)_PtBr|Brazilian Portuguese]]

The '''4 Warpgate Rush''' is a very common aggressive opening in PvP. The build relies on the use of a proxy [[Pylon]] to quickly and continually reinforce the initial push. It is based around cutting the production of probes to construct the 3 additional Gateways, while timing [[Chrono boost]] on [[Cybernetics Core#Other Upgrades|Warpgate Tech]] in order to rapidly warp in 4 more units from all the warpgates.

==Build Order==
*9 Pylon
*12 Gateway
*14 Assimilator
*16 Pylon
*17 Cybernetics Core
*18 Zealot
*22 Warp gate research, Stalker <ref>Stop making probes after you build the Stalker.</ref>
*24 Gateway x3, Stalker (optional) <ref>On long distance maps, this stalker won't make it to your army when your first wave is warped in.</ref>
*26 Proxy Pylons

*You must cut probe production around 20 probes (16 minerals, 3 gas, 1 scout/proxy)
*Don't build the 3rd pylon (26/26) until you have placed all 4 Gateways
*Only build Zealots and Stalkers unless you are defending a small ramp.
*Chrono Boost Nexus twice (at 10 supply and after you place the first Gateway), then save the rest for Warp Gate research.
*Warp Gate research should finish at 5:45 (can warp in units at 5:55). {{Citation needed}}
*When attacking the Defender may drop a [[Force Field]] to delay your attack. To counter this Place a pylon close to the ramp and attempt to warp in zealots above the Force Field to give your Stalkers vision on the Low Ground.

Usually the outcome of the game comes down to micro. If your opponent defends with 4 Warp Gates and has more units than you, you need to cut your losses and back off. A good transition would be to throw down a Robo and get Colossus. If your opponent defends with 3 gate Robo/Sentries you might want to transition to blink Stalkers instead because you will be behind in the colossus war. In general it's bad to expand after a defended 4 gate unless you were really far ahead (i.e. killed a lot of probes) or the rush distance is very far.
===Good Transitions===
*Blink Stalker

==Countered By==
===Hard Counters===
*Proxy Gate
===Soft Counters===
*[[2 Gate in base (vs. Protoss)]]
*Sentry builds

==Counter To==
===Hard Counters===
*Every Protoss build that tries to tech early on
*Fast expand
===Soft Counters===
==Notable Maps==
This strategy favors maps with wide ramps that cannot be easily defended with force field. In most cases on such maps, the only way to defend 4 warp gate rush is with 4 warp gates.
*[[Scrap Station]]
*[[Tal'Darim Altar]]
*[http://www.teamliquid.net/staff/Plexa/sc2_liquipedia/6_2_FaZiNaTe_mTwNightE.sc2replay | FaZinate vs mTwNightEnD] - not the build listed above, but demonstrates the Blistering Sands trick
*[http://www.teamliquid.net/staff/Plexa/sc2_liquipedia/2_ffswowsucks_LiquidNa.sc2replay | Liquid`Nazgul vs ffswowsucks] - Nazgul demonstrates how to use this build when your Probe can't get inside

[[Category:Articles translated to other languages]]

Rare footage of 4gate actually losing
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nice 4notpost fag
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