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 soul caliber legends (wii)

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soul caliber legends (wii) Empty
PostSubject: soul caliber legends (wii)   soul caliber legends (wii) EmptyTue Aug 09, 2011 3:18 am

i thought i should try giving a review of a game a shot.
heres one of soul caliber legends on the wii. it was either the adaption of the third game or a replacement for the 4th game.
since it came out around the same time as the latter, i going with that.


the basic story is that soul edge made a splosion called the evil seed. this created monsters called evils. tongue
the game begins with u b siegfried on a ship with no weapons. eventually you get soul egde. and then u start fighting.
stage boss=cervantes. Rolling Eyes then you team up with the roman army fighting agaisnt some other guys. iska becomes the guy who helps you out a lot. a long the way you find all the other people which include Taki, Astoroth, Mitsurugi, Sophitia,
Ivy, and Lyold. lyold is from tales of i think. he was an insert so i could care less. the first half of the game is collecting all the shards of soul edge.when you do you find that the guy from the oppisite side is huge and mad with soul caliber power.
you fight him and then are betrayed by the emperor. then you go refind your freinds and then redefeat all the guardians aka boss monsters. this is as far in as i am. tongue


since this is the wii and you'd expect it to be this way, the way u fight is by swinging the wiimote as your weapon and
moving with the nunchuck. you can also do something called a step by shaking th nunchuck a certain direction. z is block and when you shake the nunchuck while guarding, you can perform a guard impact. the green energy makes you stronger for a limited amount of time. activate that by pressing c. A button switches who your locked onto. b+z pressed together switches your character. plus brings up the in game menu.


this game is awesome for what is. it can be frustrating but you feel good afterwards. but you may pull a muscle so take it easy. dont play the game two days in a row. which sucks cause you'll wanna get right back to it. a great game for fans of the series. **** out of 5 stars.
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soul caliber legends (wii) Empty
PostSubject: Re: soul caliber legends (wii)   soul caliber legends (wii) EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 2:39 pm


The game had better art direction than 4 and I had more fun with it. Funny.
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soul caliber legends (wii)
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